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Your talents and expertise deserve the very best tools available.

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Start taking brand new clients and customers from around the world via video chat. We give your business the global presence it deserves.

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Receive payments easily by charging a fee for your time and meet your clients for one-on-one video chats. It's never been easier to make money off of your knowledge and skills.

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Want to go beyond one-on-one video chats? Create beautiful Live Webinars and Group Events to maximize your reach.

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But how does (LiveNinja) look? In a word, incredible.


I gotta say @LiveNinjaDotCom has a sparkle for me - such a good idea.

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"Cash in on your passions" great tag line for the online meeting platform Live Ninja! Watch out Skype, here come the ninjas. #pcto13

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Just did my first ever LiveNinja session. Pretty amazing app.

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